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LEO has been the sole Registrar for names in the CO.LS and ORG.LS zones, from 2001 until 2017.  With the recent creation of the LsNIC, things have changed a little.  A number of Registrars, including ourselves are currently in the process of accreditation.

Use our WhoIs to discover limited information in connection with domain name registrations, date of expiry and availability. 

Open and / or download a Domain Name Registration form and submit to us by email, togehter with proof of payment.


Every computer on the Internet is identified by a unique number. Because humans are much better at remembering names than numbers, the worldwide domain name system (DNS) exists to let all computers on the Internet also be uniquely identified by a name. Some examples of domain names you might be familiar with include: mcdonalds.com, hotwired.com, whitehouse.org, and the site you are now reading, leo.co.ls.
Every time you send electronic mail or browse to a web site, you are using the Internet's domain name system to reach your destination. A domain name is how you represent yourself or your company on the Internet.

Yes, a .LS name works exactly the same a .COM name, it just happens to have a different ending. It is treated in precisely the same way as .COM by all the DNS nameservers in the world.

The Leo DNS Primer explains DNS in detail. You can test your DNS setup using a tool such as nslookup, or dig.

None. Our primary name server for .CO.LS works just the same way as the primary name server for .COM, making your domain name in .CO.LS available instantly worldwide to anyone who needs to find your web site or email host.

The authoritative nameserver for the .LS zone is updated every 30 minutes. Note that you have to specify DNS information for your domain before it appears in the zonefile.

Leo maintains a limited whois database that provides a small amount ofregistrant information. This information is updated manually, ona more or less weekly basis.