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LEO is a full-service traditional ISP offering facilities to both retail and wholesale customers. Trading since 1997, the same team that brought the internet to Lesotho in 1994, has accumulated a wealth of experience and specialised local knowledge. The original dial-up network has been phased out a number of years ago and is replaced by a state-of-the-art wireless network which we continue to maintain, upgrade and expand on an on-going basis. 

Find here on the left, links to our tariff schedule and service application form.

A little Self-help

We are asked this question frequently. In explanation, we must reply that the service which we deliver does not (in general) vary from day to day. If you have purchased a 4Mbps service, we expect to deliver this to you, 24/7.

When you have a less than satisfactory internet experience, you need to look first at those in your immediate vicinity, your colleagues, or your family. If somebody else is downloading, streaming or running a torrent, then the chances are that they have consumed all of the bandwidth and have left none for you.

For our business customers, we are able to offer to manage bandwidth in a number of ways. Call us to find out more and we will help you to ensure a good experience for all.

The first thing that you might do is to access your mail account using the web interface. In the top left corner it will show the percentage of your mailbox in use. On the left side, find ‘Trash’ and click ‘Purge’. Next, have a look in ‘Sent’, select all, and delete. Purge the Trash folder again. By now, you should have some space in your mail box.

Not enough? You will have to delete some items from the Inbox. Remember to Purge the Trash Folder.

In order to avoid this problem, you may wish to re-configure MS Outlook. Click on File and on Account Settings (twice). In the account settings dialogue box, select the account and click on Change. In the bottom right corner click on More Settings. From the tabs across the top, select Advanced. In the Delivery section, remove the check mark next to the statement “Leave a copy of messages on the server”.

Click on OK, Next, Finished, Close.

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