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National Assembly reconvenes on Friday
22 February 2017

Fireworks are expected when the Lesotho National Assembly reconvenes on Friday.

Opposition parties want the National Assembly to carry a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister before any other business in its first sitting.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing says that can't happen as the motion will only be filed after the House reconvenes.

Just over a week since three of these opposition leaders returned home and they stand by their intentions to change the government now.

All these MPs say they will support the motion. The MPs say they have control of 74 out of 120 seats; therefore, they have a substantial majority.

And they want their government of national unity to be led first by Moleleki for 18 months then former Prime Minister Tom Thabane for the following 18 months.

However, Metsing, leader of the House in the National Assembly has a different take.

“The business committee can only meet after the house reconvenes to accept the motion, it cannot be discussed on Friday,” says Metsing.

Metsing maintains even if the opposition wins the vote of no confidence, the government will not step down.

Metsing states: “Because all of us must get a fresh mandate to cross the floor, so elections are the only way.”

The government plans to advise the King to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections.

The opposition says the country cannot afford elections now, and the Prime Minister must step down to save the country millions.

Friday 24th is the most anticipated reopening of parliament in Lesotho.

The government says it has the constitution on its side, the opposition says it has numbers.

Only the floor of parliament will decide who prevails after Friday.


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