Track Coronavirus

Service as Usual

30 March 2020

222 15 000

The management and staff of Leo wish to assure their customers and the community at large, that we will make every effort to ensure that service continues as usual.  During the period of lock down there will inevitably be new and unknown challenges and we will do our best to address these as we meet them.

 If you have a service contract with Leo, you will already have the contact details of the persons responsible for your account and will be welcome to address these as usual.  Otherwise, the office telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged and will respond and function in a manner as close as possible to normal.

Given these unique circumstances, we are adapting operations and will do everything in our power to limit any direct impact to your business. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.

Stay safe, stay isolated, stay calm and support the process for the good of our country.